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I'm Liz, a 40 year old, single, mother of two teenagers from Liverpool in the UK. I'm a payroll officer in Local Government and I love my job (most of the time). Lilliebet is just a corruption of Elizabeth, there are plenty more but this one kind of stuck.

I'm not passionate about anything in particular, I'm just passionate. I feel things very deeply; I get hurt, upset and angry but I have a huge capacity to love and laugh. I love my friends and I'm loyal to the bone.

I love reading; loathe politics; rarely watch TV except sport. I enjoy rugby league, cricket and football and I support St Helens, Liverpool and England.

My real passion is my website Lilliebet dotcom. It's where I hang out with the best bunch of guys you could ever meet, they really are the funniest people. Feel free to drop by anytime but if you're a small, furry animal lover make sure you bring your sense of humour with you.

I write this blog for me. It's nice when people come to call and leave a comment or two but often it's just my place to have my say and it doesn't matter who's listening. I would love to be a great writer but I don't have the imagination.

I'd love to have a wonderful blog design full of personality, but I don't have an artistic bone in my body. But I have fun writing it and I enjoy the blogs I come across through having my own. I've learned a lot too.

So that's me, in a nutshell. Thanks for listening :-)