January 26, 2008

What is it about Top Gear?

God I love that programme. But, why? I have no love of cars.... I don't even drive.... but Top Gear is definitely the highlight of my evening's viewing.

The one where they're challenged to cross Botswana in a 2 wheel drive... and the race across London by car, boat, bike and public transport... and don't get me started on the one where they enter the deep south of America with the pro-Clinton, pro-homosexual slogans on their cars....

... and as for the "star in the reasonably priced car"....

What on earth could be so entertaining about a car show?

Maybe it's the Stig??

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December 29, 2007

I Received For Christmas

2 bottles of white wine
1 bottle of sparkling rosé
4 bottles of red wine
2 bottles of gin

Someone's trying to tell me something.....

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Who's Online.....

....at Castlecops?

BB is "viewing private messages".

Now why doesn't that surprise me?

Ooh I'm getting suspicious in my old age.

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I Knew There Was Something Else.....

... interesting that I've done. In my whole life, no I mean, in the last year.

Jury service!

It was too, interesting, when it wasn't mind-numbingly boring that is. Luckily for me this didn't happen too often. There were people who didn't even get on one jury panel in the whole two weeks and they were begging the rest of us to release them from the misery by the second Tuesday. One bloke even took up knitting to try to stay sane.

But I was kept busy, I only spent one morning sitting around, the rest of the time I was on cases: 1 robbery (guilty); 1 racially motivated threatening behaviour (not guilty); 1 burglary (case dismissed); 1 malicious wounding (guilty); and 1 rape (not guilty). I ended up doing an extra week and I have to say, I didn't mind a bit. I was foreman on the last case and got to stand up and declare the accused "Not Guilty M'lud", that made me feel special. LOL

The whole experience opened my eyes to the great British legal system though. It sucks.... for two reasons. Firstly, the supreme lack of effort that the police and barristers appear to make in bringing a decent case. So many times we, the jury members, were left asking each other "why didn't they ask him this" or "what happened to that piece of evidence" and so on. Ironside it isn't. Although there was one barrister who appeared to be doing a screen test while doing his bit, he raised a few laughs, although I don't think that was his intention.

Secondly, the idea of being tried by a jury of my peers scares the crap out of me now that I've witnessed "my peers" in action. Some of these people were scarily thick. Prejudices and assumptions abounded; there was very little understanding of the depth of our responsibilities; and, despite patient and detailed explanation by the judges concerned of what our role was, very little desire to listen to any of it.

If I'm ever falsely accused of anything I think I can say with some certainty, I don't have a chance in hell. Right now I'm baking a cake with a file in it just in case. Does anyone know how to make a rope out of human hair?

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December 28, 2007

January 1st is So Old Hat

Oh it's been too too long since I've blogged. That's last year's resolution scuppered. So I was going to make a new one and start again on Jan 1st but that's too contrived so, what the hell, December 28th is as good a day as any to start isn't it?

It would take far too long to recap on everything that's happened since my last post on, um, April 21st (oh the shame) but here's a brief run down on the major events in the life of lilliebet over the last 251 days....


Oh yeah! Some toss bag hacked my site. That's the major downer of the year. And it's still not back up and running, which means I don't get my daily dose from the guys. Not that the guys were in the habit of giving me a "dose" you understand but, err, oh you know what I mean. The intellectual sparring, deep and meaningful philosophising and downright dirty talk have all been noticably absent in the past several weeks. Waaahh!!! I hate hackers. I'd show them what real hacking is if I ever got my hands on them. Grrrr!!

On the upside, I won the Payroll Employee of the Year Award back in October. Yeah, dull I know but we had a (nearly) all expenses paid night in a posh London hotel with dinner and dancing (and far too much drinking). There will be photos if Lou ever tells me where she's uploaded them to. Watch this space....

Back in August we had a great weekend in Wembley at the Challenge Cup Final - which Saints won of course - and I finally fulfilled my dream to go to the new Wembley Stadium. My honest opinion? Mightily impressive stadium but the atmosphere at Cardiff was better somehow as were the surroundings. It was a great experience though. Our hotel was right at the top of Wembley Way next to the train station. It was seriously hot and the hotel opened up a bar outside in the sunshine where we could sit off and watch the crowds of fans arriving which made for a brilliant atmosphere on match day. Unlike football, fans of every rugby league club attend the cup final, not just the two involved. From Super League to Non-League teams and even foreign teams and everyone wears their colours. There's no antagonism though, just loads of banter. It's cool.

And now it's Christmas, or just has been. It's had its ups and downs; a little friction here and there but mostly it went really well. My girlie bought me a Senseo coffee maker - love it! - I've been banging on about wanting one for so long but I had no idea she'd done it so it was a brilliant surprise. I get excited about the strangest things don't I? There were 10 of us for dinner this year and it was pandemonium but I have to hand it to my mum, she made an excellent scran, first rate. We had another big meal on Boxing Day and last night we went for a Chinese meal for my neice's 20th birthday. Today I've been detoxing - I've never eaten or drunk so much in my life, I feel like a dirigible. Got to make room for all the New Years Eve goodies haven't I?

That doesn't seem like eight months worth of news does it? But at least you've been spared the tedium of every little last piece of news. And you've escaped my fixation with Heroes- we've only just had the first series on the Beeb over here.... whatever you do, don't tell me what happens in series 2. I may yet come back to that subject though.....

I am definitely going to keep up the blogging from now on, if only because I told Gilles that I would. So I guess I'll see you back here tomorrow.... honestly.

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